Our Fleet

Mubarrad has invested in superior truck heads from leading manufacturers, including MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu and Volvo.

These heads are available in a variety of trailers to build a wide range of long-range trucks.

Chemical Tankers

Mubarrad has a large fleet of chemical tankers that have a capacity of 480 thousand tons to transport various products. Our team of skilled drivers and Operations staff ensure safe handling, transportation, and delivery of hazardous cargo by following industry-standard safety procedures.

Temperature Controlled Trailers / Reefers

Mubarrad has a large fleet of reefer trailers that are crucial for transporting cargo that requires a strict temperature-controlled environment.

Reefers that are well-maintained and regularly serviced have long trailers with curtains that can carry larger capacities of frozen, chilled, and perishable products and ensure proper temperature settings for delivery in perfect condition.

Mubarrad is the preferred choice for customers who require high standards of safety, hygiene, and timely delivery due to our experience in the cold transportation segment.

Specialized Equipment / Trailers

As part of our ongoing dedication to meet the diverse demands of project logistics, Mubarrad offers low-bed trailers specifically designed for the transportation of oversized, heavy, or out-of-gauge cargo.

Considering the long-term need for large industrial projects, Mubarrad has the capability to source and provide specialized transportation and moving equipment.

Curtain Sided Trailers [Dry]

Mubarrad owns a wide collection of dry trailers in addition to trailers with side curtains, which are utilized for transporting palletized goods between distribution centres or from a consolidation centre to a vendor’s location.

Our curtain side trailers provide the side loading flexibility of a flatbed trailer but with additional protection from the elements for delicate cargo.

Mubarrad is a leading transportation and logistics company with a rich history spanning almost 40 years.


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